Cross Training – A Holistic Approach to Rugby Training

Basketball for Rugby

Rugby league and Rugby union are both sports which have a high demand for physical strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. A key factor is Eye-Hand coordination, this is relevant for many parts of Rugby such as ball handling and receiving. Basketball is a sport in which athletes learn tremendous Eye-Hand coordination skills and these skills can be transferred to the Rugby pitch.

By incorporating basketball into our Rugby practice we can:

  • Help athletes become comfortable with tracking the rugby ball.
  • Develop ball handling skills in general.
  • Give athletes the confidence to try new things and progress on the rugby field.
  • Have fun whilst trying a new sport.

Speed Training for Rugby

Athletics and in particular speed training techniques bring another attribute to performance to both codes of rugby that has been perhaps overlooked at the youth and senior levels of the game of rugby.

Running technique – relaxation – learning to be relaxed with the correct technique is very important and can substantially increase your general speed. Running efficiently also uses less energy and running drills can teach the rugby player to adopt the correct posture and above all be relaxed when running at speed making it more enjoyable.

Speed endurance – aims to promote training sessions geared to attain optimal speed and recovery performance. This fits very well with both rugby forwards and backs from both codes in the modern game. Forwards and backs need to recover for the next maul or ruck and then be able to sprint in short or long bursts in attack or defence. This can be acheived by a proven program of short recovery speedwork sessions which trc will use to enhance rugby players at all levels – junior, senior, amateur and proffesional. Remember if the rugby player can increase his speed and recovery it can give him an edge over his oposition which can win games.

Boxing for Rugby

Boxing is one of the toughest and most demanding sports in the world and we use the discipline and skill learnt in the ring and transfer that skill to the pitch with devastating effect.

Under the instruction of fully qualified ABAE coaches this is extremely powerful cross training.

Judo for Rugby

Using Judo as a cross training method is not a new concept throughout the world, but over the last couple of years it has been adopted by British teams including Wigan and Bradford.

These rugby giants were in no doubt that judo skills could improve the performance of their squads.

Army Training for Rugby

Total Rugby Camps have also partnered with the Army who will be providing team building and communication sessions.

The Army activities, while fun, are also designed to develop skills and qualities that will translate into improved rugby performance.