A Holistic Approach to Rugby Training…

Total Rugby Camps is about a holistic approach to rugby training that means we can provide the best instruction and advice to every one of our attendees.

When you join us for one of our camps you can expect to learn technique and control along with developing skills and stamina. These are the foundations of truly great rugby and it doesn’t matter if you play league or union code, the fundamentals of either game are the same.

A great player doesn’t always make a great teacher, that’s why we select our coaches for their expert ability both in playing the game and teaching their skills to others. With the first hand experience of playing the game and professionally qualified trainers our attendees get the best from every session with us.

We believe in the enormous value of cross training and the benefits that it can bring to any rugby player. Our previous camps have included judo, basketball, boxing and army training to hone the skills needed on the pitch. Check out our cross training page for more details.

Most importantly of all Total Rugby Camps are about you getting the best rugby coaching from each session. We are not just another holiday camp to entertain the kids, we are about serious development. Our ties with local clubs and visits from professional clubs also mean that talent is not only developed, it can be spotted too.