The Total Rugby Project is a project which aims to target young people at risk of exclusion and anti social behaviour.

Here participants will learn the qualities seen in team sports, especially rugby, including respect, discipline and all round professionalism. These qualities don’t just apply to sports players but to everyday people in everyday situations. After the project has finished, if the participant doesn’t wish to continue down the path of rugby, the lessons and qualities taught here at total rugby camps will remain with them for the rest of there lives.

Rugby is a sport which accommodates for all people no matter on their body shapes or size including the tall, short, thin, muscular, fast and slow which means everybody can take part.

Partnerships with some of the leading clubs means that our at attendees are regularly observed by some of the biggest and most successful clubs in the region. Leeds Rhinos are known for their regular attendance and have also used our camps as talent-spotting opportunities.