Help Talented Sports People Reach Their Potential – and Secure The Future Success Of Your Business

TRC work and give you the skills to be the best – don’t just take it from us…

Work with us to develop Rugby stars of the future, and ultimately World Cup/Tri Nations success, by getting involved at a grass roots level. This will associate you strongly with helping talented young people reach their potential through rugby, a sport with a positive brand image.

Market Analysis

The two codes of Rugby League and Union are gradually growing closer together technically that is. This has been reflected in the number of players changing codes. Total Rugby Camps have realised that there is a gap in the market not only for generic Rugby tuition, but also for code specific tuition.

Combined, there are around 30,000 registered rugby players under the ages of 18 in the NW alone. The current political environment towards the benefit of sport to young people is extremely positive, with Ministers advocating the use of sport to tackle a whole range of social issues.

Exposure Mediums


  • Point Of Sale material
  • Flyers + Mail Shots
  • Booking Forms
  • Press Releases
  • Advertisements
  • Signs and Banners
  • Apparel/Staff kits
  • Complimentary T-Shirts, Hats/Rugby Balls
  • Local Clubs – Professional & Amateur
  • National publications:
    – Rugby World
    – Rugby Times
    – Rugby League Express
    – Rugby League News
    – Local Press


  • TV Broadcasts
  • Online via e-bulletins
  • Mobile phone and text messaging
  • Use of Facebook advertising, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and our website

Kyle Eastmond

We team up with some of the best names in the business to bring outstanding camps that are all about structured, long-term sporting development. TRC is produced in Association with Dual Code International Kyle Eastmond who makes regular appearances at our camps.

Benefits To Your Company:

  • An explicit demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility by investing in deprived areas to develop and nurture untapped talent.
  • Enhanced attraction and retention of a workforce who have an increased awareness of CSR.
  • Corporate Image enhancement through involvement at a grass roots community based level.
  • Recognition will be given to you on all press releases and media communication produced by Total Rugby Camps, including its web site.
  • You and your guests will be invited to all camps, and as title sponsor your brand will be the first word in the Title.
  • Your Brand will appear on marketing material produced by Total Rugby Camps, including banners and back boards at all venues, staff kits, and complimentary T-Shirts & Balls.
  • Retail opportunities via a proposed retail advertising space, which will be made available at camps.
  • Brand loyalty. Young players appreciate the generosity of sponsors and give their full support to them. Word of mouth is still the greatest form of marketing.

Future Developments

It is intended to develop the TRC programme nationally over the next 3 years, with 2 venues already in place. Also there will be the addition of a residential option, which will be available by summer 2016. It is anticipated that TRC will develop online retail facilities in the near future.

Negotiations are taking place with LEAs regarding the delivery of bespoke programmes by TRC for individual schools.


Telephone: 0800 0487382
Mobile: 07988 701 805